SUPER TOUGH is a studio recording band based in Santa Cruz and Oakland, California. Founded in 2006 by Bruce Benjamin and Wally Sound; two childhood friends from the artistic community of Claremont, CA in the San Gabriel Valley. Representing a generation of creative output, their musical canvases reflect original conceptual notions creating hard won compositions. Forged by the long friendship, that often brings clashing of styles and tastes, the result of these co-creators is a vast and rich listening experience.

Over the years SUPER TOUGH's music has continually relied on analog 2' tape, recording on 16-track Ampex reel to reel machines. Blending old school Reggae with soul, jazz, classical, country and rock, there is something for every eclectic Musical taste. SUPER TOUGH has been moving listeners to their feet while providing the ultimate in recorded music; real music!

SUPER TOUGH is constantly evolving as a studio-recording project sharing its reggae music with listeners of all ages while expressing an appreciation for authentic, unprocessed, soundscapes.Using all natural ingredients - actual instruments - with an intense drive for a more organic ambiance and groove, the only auto-tune will be when our cars are at the shop!

Dance, Worm!

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Dance, Worm!


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Super Tough Reggae

Super Tough was formed to produce quality reggae music in their own unique, original style. Buy the CD here!